With built-in cellular connectivity, the Onvita smart pallet is on. So essentials are protected with real-time notifications that share location, temperature, dwell time, delivery, and GPS logistics visibility.
Connected, hygienic, and proudly made in the USA.

Onvita: The pallet made for today's supply chain.

Trust your essentials on top of our newest "always-on" smart pallet. Tessco offers flexible pricing and business models that include: pooling, leasing, purchasing, financing, and pallet management.


Why we designed the Onvita Pallet

Working with our partners, we wanted to enable a smarter, cleaner, and more connected pallet ecosystem that safeguards essential products from food to vaccines --with zero landfill waste.

 Industries we serve

The industries we serve understand that pallets are a strategic high-value initiative. So we work with our customers to safeguard their valuable assets and provide measurable business value and loss prevention through accountability, safety, and sustainability.


In healthcare, time isn’t just money — it’s life or loss. That is why Onvita makes sense for high-value shipments within healthcare.

Key benefits: Real-time logistic visibility, delivery notifications, temperature monitoring, antimicrobial material.

Food & Perishables

With food, safeguarding perishables from transport to storefront means real-time accountability and control.

Key benefits: Real-time temperature notifications, dwell-time monitoring, quality optimization --all resulting in greater savings.


In pharma, nothing is more vital than safeguarding the supply chain as it carries life-saving medicine, vaccines, and therapeutics.

Key benefits: Real-time logistic visibility, delivery notifications, temperature monitoring, antimicrobial material.


Stack and go, plug and play, global electronic companies are moving away from wood. Clean, efficient, smart --pallets designed as beautiful and clean as the products themselves.

Key benefits: Accountability, efficiency, safety,  smart logistics, optimal waste management, and carbon offsetting.

Wooden vs. Plastic

Plastic pallets have long been praised for their hygienic qualities – they can be cleaned more easily than wooden pallets, making them the right choice for food, pharmaceutical, electronics and high-value essentials. Leave the splinters behind and go clean.


  • Harbors whatever microbes exposed to
  • Carries higher bacteria counts
  • Poses contamination risks to food safety
  • Dust by-product is carcinogen
  • Major cause of deforestation
  • 54% are used only 1x
  • Millions end up in landfills
  • Full of galvanized nails and metal staples



  • 99.99% antimicrobial protection
  • Eliminates pest infestation
  • Safe and certifiable by FDA
  • Antimicrobial by nature
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Can deliver 100+ turns over years
  • Can be recycled and repurposed
  • No sharp edges and cannot splinter

The Experts Have Spoken

“Covid was a wake-up call for leaders in supply chain management. Heed the lessons from this crisis and make investments for the future.”

"Pallets have become a crucial part of many companies' sustainability strategies based on the recyclability of materials and the use of the assets."

“The pandemic tested supply chains in a manner few have seen in our lifetimes." This is a big deal that we should all pay attention.


Testimonial: A $29B US Food Company

"The Tessco Lightweight Nestable Pallet has an exceptional unit load to weight to strength ability which supplies a safe environment for our associates. The Onvita Real-Time Track and Trace technology on the Block Crucible supplied exact pallet trace during transit and in various warehouses.  It was an ideal asset to our closed loop needs without ever compromising safety, quality, or productivity."
-- B.T. Director


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