Our pallets, talk. Can yours?

Safeguard your essentials from point a to point b with our talking IoT-enabled pallets. Advanced shipping notifications including temperature, humidity, cycle-time, dwell time and more.
ONVITA: Introducing the talking Tessco pallet 2.0.

Meet the Pallet made for today's supply chain.

Tessco's Onvita is  an essential, mobile-connected plastic pallet that's made in the USA --and guaranteed to turn your supply chain, on.

From pallet-level logistics to real-time alerts, we exist to keep your most essential products safe.

We protect you against loss of product, contamination, quality-degradation, and more.

We help you assign absolute accountability, because you finally have visibility. Manage, quantify, qualify, and get pre-notified. It's a whole new world.

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Real-time Alerts

Blue-tooth enabled



Durable Plastic

Cleaner & Lighter


Inside & out

Why we made the Tessco Pallet 2.0.

Every day, there are billions of pallets circulating through the global supply. So we set out to "turn on" the product that makes the world go around.  Our vision is to create a smarter, cleaner, IoT pallet ecosystem that delivers visibility and accountability from the ground up, and protects the essential things our pallets carry.

The Industries We Serve

The platform that products travel on has the potential not only to contaminate the product loaded on it, but also to spread that contamination throughout a plant or distribution center. So we are tackling this issue of prevention within four key industries.

1. Healthcare

It takes a lot of medical supplies to care for patients. Since most hospital supplies are not stored on-site, the delivery dock is ground zero for supply chain operations. That is why we are doing essential programs with the leading performance improvement company for healthcare.

2. Food- US/Mexico

Every year, more than 48 million Americans are stricken with food-borne illnesses caused by cross-contamination from wooden pallets. (Source: CDC) Our new antimicrobial pallet is a critical component to delivering food safety while meeting FDA/FSMA compliance. Unlike other antimicrobial technologies that inhibit growth of bacteria on top of surfaces, our technology is bonded inside and becomes part of the DNA of the pallet. Clients: US FOODS

3. Pharma/ Medicine

Nothing is more vital than safeguarding a pharmaceutical supply chain as it carries life-saving medicine to the people that need it most. Our broad-spectrum antimicrobial pallets are ideal when product safety is paramount. Our pallets prevent bacterial and microbial growth for life. This provides peace of mind and helps eliminate costly recalls caused by pallet contamination.

4. Electronics

Working with multinational technology and mobile device companies that design, develop, and sell consumer electronics, we are reimagining pallets that are safer, static-free, and smarter. Our closed-loop, reverse logistics approach is also an integral part of distribution and global F100 sustainability initiatives.

All Pallets Are Not Created Equal.

Providing a hallmark of intelligence tracking and supply chain resilience, the Tessco pallet provides a stark contrast to traditional wood pallets.


  • Harbors whatever pathogens exposed to
  • Carries higher bacteria counts
  • Poses contamination risks to food safety
  • Dust by-product is a carcinogen
  • Major cause of deforestation
  • 54% are used only 1x
  • Millions end up in landfills
  • Full of galvanized nails and metal staples



  • 99.99% antimicrobial protection
  • Eliminates pest infestation
  • Safe and certifiably compliant
  • Antimicrobial agent bonded inside
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Should expect 100+ turns
  • Can be recycled and repurposed
  • No sharp edges and cannot splinter

The Experts Have Spoken

“Coronavirus Is a Wake-Up Call for Supply Chain Management. Heed the lessons of this crisis and make investments.”

"Pallets are now a crucial part of many companies' sustainability strategies based on the recyclability of materials and the use of the assets."

“The pandemic is testing supply chains in a manner few have seen in our lifetimes." This is a big deal that we should all pay attention.


Client Success Story

A US-based Food Company, Livermore, California

We are working with a high-profile eco-focused company to help move its perishable food products in a more efficient, sustainable, and smart way. Talk to us to learn more.


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