Smart Pallet Logistics

Pallet, meet IoT.

Pallet, meet IoT.

Introducing the Onvita Pallet.

The Onvita connected pallet captures and contextualizes the location of your pallet and helps safeguard the essentials that ride on top. Protect your assets and achieve pallet-level visibility  throughout your supply chain. It's time to turn on the data and off the guesswork.


With Kiverdi

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Made in the USA, Tessco pallets include essential pallet certifications and standards.


Tested + proven at extreme temperatures

FSMA + FDA compliant and consumer-friendly

Certified by NSF International Standards

Registered with EPA + manufactured under GMP

Why Tessco

Benefits of  Tessco's line of plastic pallets.

(+) Prevents moisture buildup like mold
(+) Resist contaminants like bacteria
(+) Responds well to temperature changes
(+) Easy to clean and sanitize
(+) Stands the test of time
(+) Fights yeast, fungi, and mold
(+) GPS-ready, on demand with Onvita

Fights Bacteria

Fights Yeasts

Prevents Algae

Fights Fungi

Fights Molds


The right pallets helps optimize operations, protect products and organize space.

Optimization & Waste Deployment

We believe there's an opportunity to eliminate up $10B annually of supply chain waste.

Six reasons why our pallets can help you do better.


Lighter & Safer


Patented  Design


Lower Total Cost


Smart & Sustainable


Customizable by Industry


Cellular Enabled


We manufacture customized pallets

  • Plastic: Hygienic and durable
  • Patented and made in the USA
  • Lower total cost
  • Smart and sustainable
  • Customizable by industry
  • Cellular enabled

Ideal for closed-loop systems

  • Recyclable, closed-loop, 100 turns +
  • Simplified carbon offsets
  • We take the pallets and regrind and reuse

We are the platform that integrates Cargo Sense and Pallet Alliance.

  • Connected
  • Versatile
  • Pallet-level visibility
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Dwell time
  • GPS location tracking

We provide logistic Intelligence

Fill the gap between your real-world logistics and your supply chain management by sourcing data directly from the Onvita pallet in real time.

We are the OS for Onvita

You cannot measure what you cannot see. Each Onvita pallets has Cargosense's cargo monitoring software so you can leverage logistics data to drive better, safer, and more efficient outcomes for your business. All at the pallet- level. We think this is ground-breaking.

We provide the pallet program management

We manage all your pallet inventory & logistical needs. From sourcing, design & implementation we deliver a comprehensive solution and best practices.

We manage cost drivers like sourcing, design and implementation

We reduce operational costs, streamline pallet spend and modernize the performance of your palletized program assets across your supply chain ecosystem.

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